Swift CDS

SwiftCDS is a Credit Trading and Risk Analytics product of FinacialSoft Inc. With prospective customers, especially in developed and emerging markets where there is a lot of potential for growth.

SwiftCDS today is a financial tech provider made to meet the credit market needs with competitive credit product innovations and strong customer service culture.

our team now includes the best and brightest from financial markets and technology around the globe.

How SwiftCDS differ from Others

SwiftCDS trading, risk platform is the industry's integrated application suite designed to handle all the Credit Derivative instruments.

SwiftCDS Tool allows the user to do market making and hedging using different strategies. It provides tools to explore CDS-Bond basis, CDS_CDX basis, Curve Trade, as well as Slide and Carry Trade strategies. STAC and STEC and SNAC templates allow users to create trades using market standards. It also provides portfolio pricing and risk analysis of trades using the latest market price so that traders can make the trading decisions based on risk limits. SwiftCDS also suggests trading ideas based on historical trends using different algorithms.