Bigdata Analytics

Within a single platform, our solution provides big data analytics tools to extract, prepare, and blend your data.

plus the visualizations and analytics will change the way you run your business. Regardless of data source, analytic requirement or deployment environment Finacle Soft allows you to turn bigger data into big insights.

Our Big Data Analytics team provides solutions to improve your top line and bottom line. Our experts can provide insights from your big and complex data, whether the data is structured or unstructured.

What does big data analytics mean?

In essence, big data analytics tools are software products that support predictive and prescriptive analytics applications running on big data computing platforms — typically parallel processing systems based on clusters of commodity servers, scalable distributed storage, and technologies such as Hadoop and NoSQL databases. The tools are designed to enable users to rapidly analyze large amounts of data, often within a real-time window.

How big data analytics tools can help our organization business

The analytics process, including the deployment and use of big data analytics tools can help companies improve operational efficiency, drive new revenue, and gain competitive advantages over business rivals. But there are different types of analytic applications to consider. For example, descriptive analytics focuses on describing something that has already happened, as well as suggesting its root causes. Descriptive analytics, which remains the lion’s share of the analysis performed, typically hinge on basic querying, reporting, and visualization of historical data.